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Aid to Artisans Video What We Do

Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
In a world of mass production, the touch of the hand has value.
— Docey Lewis, International Design Consultant, Textile Innovator

What We Do / Business Training

During training on color theory, Peruvian artisans practice painting

Colombian artisans discuss a costing and pricing exercise

Customized Training

With more than 30 years of experience in field-based training, we are able to customize training programs to suit organizational needs and goals and build the capacity of artisan enterprises. It can range from full development of custom seminars, including demonstrations and training materials, to smaller programs that simply provide one of our expert consultants to focus on a specific area.

We combine seminars and hands-on experience to address a wide spectrum of needs including export marketing, preparing for trade show exhibition, organizing a local craft fair, regional marketing strategies and eco-effective processes. Such training can offer greater attention to individual needs and provides follow up with staff or local training partners. Components of our Market Readiness Program have been translated and adapted for customized training in several local settings, including Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Haiti, India and South Africa.

Peruvian artisans participate in a packing and shipping demonstration
Examples of some of our customized training
  • A Market Readiness Program for rug weavers in Afghanistan focusing on the carpet industry and export
  • Fair Trade Original collaboration at the New York International Gift Fair to steer its market-ready artisan members from Africa, South America and Asia through the U.S. market channels
  • U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored SABIT Program, a three day training in Hartford with 18 Eurasian artisans and handcraft entrepreneurs addressing export demands from Europe to the U.S.

For questions about customized training for your specific needs, contact us at